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Congratulations on your decision to start your own business now let us assist you with filing the appropriate documentation. There are several ways you can organize your business, whether it be a partnership, corporation, or limited liability company, give us a call to learn which one is best for you. We also offer contract review and contract drafting among many other services. 


If you or a loved is facing criminal charges call the Law Offices of Chaunte' Sterling to be your voice for justice. We understand that plea deals that appear to be fair can cause future problems with obtaining employment or housing even after you have completed probation or jail. That is why we work relentlessly to find weaknesses in the prosecution's case which could result in a dismissal of the case, lesser charges being filed, or a win at trial.


We will keep you informed every step of the way empowering you with all the facts and repercussions so that you can make an informed decision regarding your case and future. We offer competitive rates and payment plans. Let us be your voice for justice!


Our family law division handles all family issues from A to Z. Whether it be custody, divorce, child support, or Child Protective Services cases, we handle it all.


Attorney Sterling is a certified mediator, offering mediation services for civil and family law matters. Mediation is binding on all parties involved and a great alternative to costly litigation.  She has mediation locations on the north and south side of Houston and flexible hours, including weekends, for your convenience. Call to schedule your mediation today. 


Do you have an incarcerated loved one that is now eligible for parole? We can assist with preparing for the upcoming parole hearing. Attorney Sterling personally gets to know the client and their family in order to prepare a complete and favorable parole packet to the parole board. Time is of the essence so don't wait to make the call. Payment plans are offered and consultations are always free. 

Statistics show that the Social Security Administration denies about 70% of first time applications for disability claims. However, a denial can possibly be reversed by filing an appeal. An appeal gives you a chance to appear in front of a judge at an administrative hearing and plead your case for disability benefits. 


Attorney Sterling has represented over 300 clients at administrative hearings across the United States. She understands the Five Step Sequential Analysis utilized by the judges and will present your case in a manner that highlights your disability and limitations. 


Don't file a second application and don't give up your right to appeal. Call Attorney Sterling for a free consultation.  


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